Advanced Prospecting


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PROSPECTING TIP #1: 30-Day Countdown
We have a 30-day countdown, where if a new rep doesn’t enroll anyone in their first 30 days, you may have lost them. If someone enrolls and is in for a week or two and doesn’t enroll anyone, that’s a bad sign. People won’t stay in a business without seeing results, especially if it only cost them $300 to get in the business. Again, this isn’t theory – we know it because it happens every day.

PROSPECTING TIP #2: Warm vs. Cold
Long-term, you’ll get 5% of your organization from cold and 95% of your organization from warm, so get your 95% growing first. The cold market, which includes advertising, internet marketing, cold-calling, etc., is freezing COLD! If you can’t get friends to join you in a business, how are you going to get strangers? Avoid the cold market until you’ve got a strong frontline rolled out and some duplication going.

PROSPECTING TIP #3: Check Yourself
When you first start calling, we don’t recommend doing any inviting calls without your upline on a 3way with you. Even after you’ve had some success and you’re dialing on your own, if you contact several people and don’t get results, STOP: call your upline and rehearse your script, to make sure it’s effective. And if you’re dialing the fone without key sentences written (typed) out in front of you, you’re not doing your job. We all need cheat sheets, so take 5 minutes and put your favorite lines on paper. Then PRACTICE them! If you can’t say your lines without any hesitation or thinking about them, you haven’t practiced enough. To elaborate, if your contact ever thinks you sound like you’re reading, you can forget about enrolling that person.

PROSPECTING TIP #4: Drip On People! (Keep following up)
Consistent followup is mandatory to get MOST people to join you. Rarely do people hear a presentation and say at the end, “I’m IN!” Usually it takes them hearing about the business 3 or 4 more times. Consistent follow-up accomplishes several things for prospects:
1. Reminds them that they are procrastinating (if they were “thinking about it” or didn’t  say no).
2. Shows them you’re still actively working the business!
3. Proves you’re someone they should work with.
4. Updates them with new info and examples of growth and success.

All top reps drip on their prospects. The easiest way to do so is with consistent emails, but follow-up phone calls every few months works well, too.