Getting Started

The first step is to download and print out the PHONE-CHISE SYSTEM™ step by step guide HERE

You can then follow along with your copy of the document as you work your way through the step by step process below.


Lightyear Business Kick-off – **Phone-Chise** No Fail System

At the sign up make sure the new rep:

Become a Lightyear Wireless Customer (You can’t show what you don’t have)

Schedule (2) Training Sessions with your Enroller and Upline RM/VP/SVP to be conducted within 48-hours of enrolling

Complete the trainings “What Goes Through the Prospects Head” & “The 3-Deep Pattern” at the sites listed below.

Is encouraged to review step 2 in the **Phone-Chise** No Fail System

Is introduced to 2 or more Team Members

Is taught that we never get off the phone without scheduling the next appointment.

Lastly, we schedule the first Coaching Call.

 ***Keep this page handy during sign ups to insure getting people started right***

On the following few pages you will find a series of simple checklists that will guide you step by step through our **Phone-Chise** No Fail’ System.

These checklists, [also known as the ‘Core Document’], are literally a blueprint for success.  Two or more team members [experts in the **Phone-Chise** No Fail System], guide new reps through these checklists insuring that everything is clear and eliminating the possibility of errors.  This makes success inevitable which is why we call it the **Phone-Chise** No Fail System© .

Assure everyone you enroll that while it may look like a long list most people easily complete the homework in a couple of 50 minute sessions.   Success-mates© and the sponsor support each new rep with two 20 to 30 minute coaching calls during initial training.  We also provide conference call training on this system several times per week and we urge you to plug yourself and your new reps into those as soon as possible and often.  This simple system has a proven track record and is the quickest way to realize your dreams.

This primary objective of the **Phone-Chise** No Fail System is to effectively help standardize, organize, professionalize and galvanize your business.  In essence, we show you the formula for success and then work it with you over and over and over again; in a nutshell that is why it is called the No Fail System.

 Step 1~ Getting Started Right

Our standardized Quick-Start will also keep you organized.  This will help you prepare for your first personal coaching session, if you do not have one scheduled, call your sponsor right now and schedule it. Be proactive.

Communication, education and teamwork are the key elements in achieving mastery of our simple **Phone-Chise** No Fail System, creating a wonderful business and becoming a ‘Hopeless Success.’

You should have (2) Training appointments scheduled and completed in the first 48-hours of enrolling and joining the Team with your sponsor and upline RM/VP/SVP

CRITICAL ~ All experts agree:





Most people at this point should have reviewed the first two trainings;

What Goes Through the Prospects Head

The 3-Deep Pattern

The Most People Skill




People do not duplicate, DUPLICATION IS CAUGHT.

Teach, Teach-Teach, Teach-Teach-Teach

Teach new Team Members the 3-Step Plan, Teach them to teach others 3-Step Plan, Teach them HOW to teach others to teach 3-Step Plan, You cannot teach what you do not know


  • We have put the **Phone-Chise** No Fail System in a checklist format, just like a franchise. Print extras of this document.
  • Just like a franchise we show you the formula and successful reps work the formula with you over and over again, leaving nothing to chance. This is known as the 3-DEEP Pattern.
  • We never do anything alone and that’s why we preach, ‘Never get off the phone with a rep or a prospect without booking the next activity.’
  • If you are working alone you are wasting your time, and it will cause reverse duplication in your organization.
  • Remember; Whatever you do your people will do too.



These 5 websites were automatically turned on for you as soon as you enrolled (paid your money); replace “yourusername” in the links below with whatever you chose as your username:


There are 3 other “splash” pages that are also automatically setup (see them in your back office), but we typically don’t use them for warm market contacting.  If inviting is done correctly, your prospects will want to see a 30- to 45-minute presentation.

Become familiar with the various sites, both Retail & Recruiting sites.



Step 2 ~ Definite Major Purpose

 A Definite Major Purpose [DMP] is the starting point of all achievement.

                                                           Napoleon Hill

Your first personal coaching session is a 15 to 20 minute call.

The primary focus of this session is setting goals that help you obtain your DMP.

During your first two personal coaching sessions, two or more team members will make sure you went through and understood Step 1.  Your sponsor will continue introducing you to more team members, effectively working the 3-Deep Pattern. Be proactive!



We never go beyond this step with ANYONE without a written goal statement. This is really where Standardizing begins and a genuine ‘No Fail’ mentality emerges.

Completed Goal Statement. During this section we will be helping you create a Definite Major purpose and putting your goals in writing. If it is not written, it is not true

  • We will help you with a simple goal setting exercise. No one makes it without a Definite Major Purpose,
  • The #1 reason for failure is No DMP or written goals.
  • Use the Achievement Formula Worksheet to develop your DMP
  • Once you have completed Your DMP, email it to your sponsor and . Please type your phone number and name in the subject line.



The difference between knowing what to do and doing it is whether or not we schedule it

Essential. Schedule completion date for emailing your goals. (24-48 hrs)

Schedule specific times you will work through Steps 3 & 4. We suggest you do this in two 30-40 minute sessions.

KEY: We will schedule your next personal coaching session.


Remember: Whatever you set in motion will carry in motion

  • The document is a proven standardized system designed to keep you and your new reps organized, literally a blueprint for success.
  • Do your homework online and check things off on the “Kick-Start Document” as you complete them. It is that simple.
  • During the next private coaching session we will review your DMP as well as Steps 3 & 4, answering your questions.
  • Then, just like a Franchise, we will build a written, step-by-step Plan of Action.
  • The difference between success and failure is simple.  The successful reps simply do the things, whether they ‘feel’ like it or not, that unsuccessful reps make a conscious decision not to do.





Step 3 ~ Be Prepared ~ approximately a 30 minute session

It’s not that winners do certain things ~ it’s that they do them in a certain way.

  • Here are some simple things we can take care of in a matter of minutes.
  • Just like a franchise we need funding, office tools and tools that will explain the business for you known as ‘third party tools’. This allows you to earn while you learn.



3-way calling

Telephone headset (essential, about $20.)

Appointment book

High-speed internet access



The beauty of TPTs are four-fold plus!

  • TPTs make Perfect Presentations for you ~ every time.
  • TPTs let you leverage your time.
    • Several suspects reviewing the information with no effort on your part once you put a TPT in their hands.
  • TPTs have proven and predictable success rate.
  • The TPT approach is easy to do and easy to teach ~ it duplicates.


TPTs that we need to order:

  • Successful Home Businesses Magazine Reprint & DVD (About $1.40 each, $36/month)
  • Purchase a simple domain name

(Tell me why & how)

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED  -> >Personalized Packets.

  • Personalized packets come with literature, a personal note from you, your website address, your phone number all nicely packaged in a personalized envelope.  READY TO GO!

Order 25 Successful Home Businesses Magazine Reprint & DVD’s (New Reps are eligible for the $1000.00 guarantee) go to your backoffice and order under “Lightyear Tools”

Print (1) each, You + 3, You + 5, Plan Comparison, Latest Phones, or others you want included.

Purchase clear envelops or folders to assemble the packet

(Office Max, Office Depot, etc)

Step 4 ~ Get Ready ~ About 30 minutes with team members



The Ink is Still Drying Skills Training

  • Some people may have gone through the 5-Stories at this point; However, if your sponsor or Upline has not done so you want to contact them and have them do this training with you right away.
  • This training (5-Stories) leads to list building, do it with your new reps, do not assign it to them.
  • The optimal way to build their list it at their home, that’s where they keep all of their contacts information.  Ask to conduct this “training” at their home with a few team members.  This will help team members learn to work with their new team members in building lists, and the team members will usually add to their list during this training. (Remember, never work alone)


There are names and everything else.

  • This is when we stop getting ready to get ready and actually get ready.
  • Regardless how you obtain names, we bring every ‘suspect’ through the 3-Step Plan as a team.
  • We show you the formula and work it with you over and over again ~ we provide the proven system and support via the 3-Deep Pattern; you supply names and numbers.






  • Without question the fastest way to build income for yourself and your new reps is with the warm market.
  • There are two fundamental ways to work your warm market. One is the Simple 3-Step Plan and the other is home kick-offs.

First we create a list. Print tickler list ~ start writing. Also use Indications for Usage Page


  • We have trainings that are specifically designed to create more suspects for you.
  • Your Team Members work our simple 3-Step Plan with you.
  • See calling schedule and plug into these as quickly as you can.

(To be added when applicable)


Using home kick-offs.

  • Fun, fast and the Quickest Way to 1K ~ listen to NFS 202
  • Home Kick-offs are effective and they duplicate very quickly.
  • Watch the Videos at (Coming Soon)


Purchase Leads Option

  • Just like warm market leads, Team Members work these with you.
  • There are several different lead generators available.
  • Always consult with people in your upline who are successfully building this way BEFORE making a decision because our experience will save you time and money. Tell me more.


  1.  Business Card Approach for building names. The Funnel Filler


Step 5 ~ Get Set

A Definite Major Purpose + Written Plan of Action + Consistent Effort = Success

                                                                                                     W. Clement Stone

Your second personal coaching session is a 20 to 30 minute call.

We will help you write a Plan of Action during this session and construct a schedule that is customized around:

  • Your needs
  • Your DMP
  • The amount of time you can dedicate to your business on a weekly basis.
  • Your current work schedule and your lifestyle.

Included in your customized written Plan Of Action [POA], we build together:

  • Personal development time
  • Ongoing education & training
  • Sharing our product and opportunity effectively to the maximum number of people as efficiently, professionally and quickly as possible


emailed goals

Completed each component of  Step 1  Step 2  Step 3  Step 4


First we will schedule one hour a week for personal development, [10 minutes. per day]. Use Think and Grow Rich ebook at: the “Think and Grow Rich Action Guide” available at

The next step in building an effective “Written Plan of Action” is scheduling your training via conference calls. Important

Register with your upline for the next National Event –ESSENTIAL FOR EFFECTIVE GROWTH.  Winning Tip: Only real shortcut in our industry



The Main Thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

The main thing is sharing the product and the opportunity.

 First we will review your names list and continue helping you build it, deciding on how to best approach your top 20 suspects.

Next we will help you make a decision about home kick-offs.  We’ll schedule two kick-offs if this method is selected.

Then we schedule the remaining hours for making 3-Step Plan calls with your success team.

Remember, if it is not written it is not true.






Step 6 ~ Go ~ Setting it all in Motion

What lies behind you and what lies before you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you.                                                                    Emerson


  • Should we introduce people to the product or the business first? It is not important
  • What is important?
  • Consistently introducing new people to what you are doing with your Team Members.



There is one key component in our business and 3 simple steps. The Key Component is a Destination [Your DMP/goals] and a Plan to achieve them.


The 3 Steps are:

  1. Contact Suspects [called ‘Suspects’ until we determine interest level]
  2. Get the interested folks information & set a follow up appointment.
  3. Contact Suspects after they have reviewed the information with a Team Member and collect decisions. When people say ‘yes’ we simply teach them to DTST ~ Do The Same Thing.

Team Members set appointments and collect decisions with you – this takes the pressure off you and sets in motion the CORRECT pattern of success.

  • This is the 3-Deep Pattern and the **Phone-Chise** No Fail System. Experienced reps helping inexperienced reps with the Main Thing because the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.
  • As your confidence begins to grow you will start ‘sharing’ the product and opportunity with others for others.



  • Step 1 ~ Strike Interest & Sort, Use UFC #1, & Book the Follow-up – Be Specific, Use the Button Down Script
  • Step 2 ~ Prospect Reviews Info, Multiple options; Live Webcast, Recorded Webcast, DVD, Home Presentation, coffee shop, Biz Op Meeting, Websites, etc
  • Step 3 ~ Collect Decisions, Use Your Upline

(3-Step Plan Supporting Documents – Step 1 Partner Script & Up Front Contract #1, Button Down Script, Setting up the Close, Active Listening Skills)

STEP 1 – Where you should spend 80% of your time

  • This is where contact your Suspects (name & phone number) with an upline team member.
  • It is important that you stick firmly to the script
  • Get the introduction script to learn from the Team members you will be working with.
  • Memorize the inviting script, It should be customized for the individual your are working with.
  • This is the step where we Strike Interest & Sort, Use UFC #1 (More of, Less of), you need to write down what they say
  • Striking Interest (Partner Script)
  • Striking Interest (Partner Script) for Local Meetings
  • Once your upline partner has determined that they are somewhat interested they will move to sorting the serious from the kidding around, and use UFC #1
  • Sorting & Up Front Contract #1
  • You will need to be ready to send an email immediately when the call ends, with all of the details for the Suspect, website link, time (if a live event), your contact information, and re-confirm the time set during the call for the follow up to collect their decision
  • Setting the follow up – Button Down
  • It is your responsibility to confirm the email address and their contact information, and send the information

STEP 2 – Presenting

  • This is where the Possibility reviews the information

STEP 3 – Follow up & Follow through

  • This is where you contact the possibility with an upline team member and collect their decision.
  • Never do this alone
  • Setting up the Close
  • Active Listening Skills


Train, Re-train, Retain

(Teach, Teach-Teach, Teach-Teach-Teach)

  • Teach new Team Members the 3-Step Plan
  • Teach them to teach others 3-Step Plan
  • Teach them HOW to teach others to teach 3-Step Plan

You cannot teach what you do not know



Step 7 ~ Continue building knowledge and your business.

It’s what we learn after we know it all that makes a difference.

John Wooden

Now that you have a week of study, started to feel comfortable and are in a routine, let’s share a few training tools and tasks to help develop winning habits, increase product knowledge and grow your business. It is an essential period in your development.


Learn our system. The trainings are to help you learn and improve particular skills. They will accelerate your Path-2-Vice President.

  • Consult with your partners to accurately determine your needs.

Fastest way to 1K Tell me more.



KEY: Talk to the reps you sponsor daily and someone from your upline daily.

  • Talk to your reps about their goals.
  • Talk to them about National and Impending Events ~ the Short Cut to Success.
  • If you make calling, impending Events and the DMP of others a daily habit, the dividends will be bigger than you can think.

Get two new names and numbers a day and talk to at least one new person a day.

Keep yourself and your team in a cocoon.


Print out an application from your back office area and keep a copy with you when possible, at a minimum when meeting with suspects and possibilities.

Set aside 30 minutes a month for your tax and expenses summary