The 3-Step Process


There is one key component in our business and 3 simple steps. The Key Component is a Destination [Your DMP/goals] and a Plan to achieve them.

The 3 Steps are:

  1. Contact Suspects [called ‘Suspects’ until we determine interest level]
  2. Get the interested folks information & set a follow up appointment.
  3. Contact Suspects after they have reviewed the information with a Team Member and collect decisions. When people say ‘yes’ we simply teach them to DTST ~ Do The Same Thing.
  • Team Members set appointments and collect decisions with you – this takes the pressure off you and sets in motion the CORRECT pattern of success.
  • This is the 3-Deep Pattern and the **Phone-Chise** No Fail System. Experienced reps helping inexperienced reps with the Main Thing because the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.
  • As your confidence begins to grow you will start ‘sharing’ the product and opportunity with others for others.